„Heroes and Villains“ – Character Design

Beloved for decades and cinematically very successful for the last two or three decades: Superheroes are always popular. For artists they offer -besides fascinating stories- a great opportunity to use all the skills they learned in traditional art classes at university. You even have to exaggerate and draw muscles you will never see in real life!

To me it is great fun to create my own characters.

These characters are created by myself. They show a typical heroine floating above her city to protect the citizens. And there is a villain in black and blue, who can produce a kind of black matter out of his hands... or maybe he is just a hero corrupted by evil forces? Maybe one day I should tell his story in form of a comic book.

Maybe I am one of the few people who finds it interesting to draw perspectives or cities, since I always catch myself choosing rather complex or detailled backgrounds.
I wanted to create a lighter atmosphere and more depth, so I decided to skip large black areas, that are typical for comicbook drawings.


Comic, Comic Book Illustration, Character Design

Own project
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