„Pegboard Nerds“ – Album Cover Illustration

I was quite surprised, when I received a request from a record label based in the United States. I was asked to draw an album cover for the electro band " Pegboard Nerds". And the idea they had in mind was pretty exciting. I have never drawn anything like this before!

They needed a new album cover and the idea for the motiv was pretty freaky!

The label wished to show both musicians in blue, superhero-like clothing. The featured artist named "Major Apeshit" should wear an iron monkey-mask and in the background there also had to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex... with robot eyes! All of this takes place in a fiery alien landscape with several moons and pits of lava. Who does not know a situation like this?

My client requested an art style that is similar to those typically used in US-comicbooks. So I had to work with generous amounts of black areas and suggested textures. Overall the drawing looks as if it has been drawn with ink and drawing pen. But in reality the drawing is completely done digitally.

Glowing elements like thethe dinosaur's X on it's body should give of some alien vibes. Flying sparks, spat out by the lavapits in the background, create some optical depth.


Cover Design, Character Design

Pegboard Nerds
Illustration, Cover Design
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